Clean Knives for Food Safety

A rule of thumb in safe food preparation is to take care you don’t cut meat, poultry or fish on a similar surface while not totally improvement it between uses. a similar is true for your knife. Wash your knife with dish soap and quandary when every use. Rinse with clear water. dry or pat dry with clean paper towels.

Nancy Bock, Senior vice chairman, Education for the Yankee improvement Institute shares these extra tips for improvement your kitchen knives –

Typically you ought to wash hollow-handled knives by hand
Handle room knives fastidiously by their handles; don’t pile them into the sink or pan, howeverwash them one by one and rack them with handles up.
To prevent indentation of your silver knives, confirm to limit contact between silver and stainless-steel within the dishwasher. Place tableware and stainless-steel flatware in tableware basket in order that they don't bit. Most silver knives have stainless-steel blades; confirm knives area uni tall placed with blades within the same direction.